Nesting/Cutting Plan

Photo of plate cutting activities at ship yard

The team envisions to be the cost reduction partner of shipbuilding industry. It provides optimized steel material order and accurate data for the Numerical Control Machines.

There are two functional sub-teams that offer value for hull production and steel processing, namely:

  • Nesting Team
  • Cutting Plan Team

Nesting Team provides the Numerical Control Cutting/Marking data of plates and steel sections (e.g. Angle bar, Flat bar, and Bulb piece) to the factory. These data are then fed into the NC machine to cut steel materials into the desired size and shape of each ship hull structural member.
Along with the NC data, the team also provides NC operation detail plan which serves as a guide for the shipyard workers as they go on with the cutting process. To ensure correctness and accuracy, cutting simulation is performed before sending the NC Data to the ship factory.

NC Ship Steel Plates Cutting Simulation

Cutting Plan Team prepares the ship's Steel Material Order list for procurement of necessary materials from the steel manufacturing companies. The function aims to improve steel material yield ratio, and to minimize the scrap so that material cost will be reduced.

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