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Mould lofting is referred to as "the geometry of shipbuilding". The team is responsible for taking the dimensions, scantling and other details from the working plan and translates this information into templates, cutting sketches, profiles, margins and other data, including the incorporation of additional surplus for weld shinkage, over-bending and cutting allowances.

Furthermore, it ensures that steel plates and steel sections can be identified, cut, shaped, prepared, rolled, formed, flanged and set-out into the primary elements required for ship construction.

Piece Drawing - Hull Parts

2D drawing image plan of Piece Drawing of hull parts

Different hull parts are drawn in full scale size with all the necessary information for steel plate processing, fabrication & sub-assembly.

Shell Plate Expansion

2D and 3D ship shell plate expansion plan

Curved shell plates are drawn in expanded form for steel cutting with the necessary information and allowances for roller and heat bending.

Magegata (Bending Guide)

2D and photo of ship's plate bending guide

"Magegata", a Japanese word meaning bending guide. These are used as patterns for shell plate bending.

Jig Plan

2D and actual photo of jig plan for ship's curved plates

An arrangement of jigs with corresponding heights at different locations to serve as base for curved plates during assembly.

Mould Lofting has a sub-team called C.O.G.(center of gravity). The team is responsible for each block's weight and center-of-gravity calculation to provide builders an aid in factory processes.

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