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For almost 28 years of experience we've been making detail outfitting designs for large number of ships of different types comprising oil tankers, car carriers, and bulk carriers. MOD is composed of innovative and highly qualified designers trained with the latest shipbuilding standards and class regulations. We offer high-quality detail designs and on-time deliveries at very competitive rates.

Our Design Output

3D Model Detail Design and Actual Photo of Ship's Engine Room

CADMATIC 3D detail drawing plan and actual photo of ship's Engine Room platform, ladder and handrails

3D Modeling of Platforms, ladders and handrails (left) and actual sample in on-board vessel Engine Room (right) - Designing of Platform using the latest shipbuilding standards and class regulations to ensure safe working condition in relation to operation and maintenance of machine and valves inside the ship's Engine Room.

Detail Production Drawings relative to 3D Designs

2D detail production design drawing plans

2D rendering of Platform and Handrails inside the ship's Engine Room.

3D and Actual Photo of ship's Main Engine Exhaust

CADMATIC 3D and Actual photo of Engine Room exhaust pipe

Designing of Main Engine Exhaust Gas Pipe includes back pressure calculations to determine exhaust gas pipe size and the expansion joint calculation that will determine the axial & lateral pipe expansion relative to the exhaust gas pipe thermal expansion.

3D Modeling

3D CADMATIC drawing of ship machinery ventilation ducts

Designing of Ventilation duct includes the Air-flow-distribution calculation. Ducting materials consider galvanized steel plate for square duct and spiral duct.

3D of Ship's Engine Room Tanks

3D detail drawing plans and design of ship's Engine Room tanks

Designing of independent tanks using the latest shipbuilding standard and class regulations. This includes tank structural calculations to ensure safety.

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