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Machinery Equipment & Diagram (MED) team specializes in Piping and Instrumentation Diagram in Engine Room and appropriation of Machinery Equipment based on specification requirements in full conformance to the international requirements and quality standards. The team also performs on-board testing and performance evaluation of machineries installed such as Main Engine power output and fuel oil consumption.

MED covers two disciplines:

  • Machinery Equipment - in charge of engine room Equipment including Purchase order specifications, review of Manufacturer’s drawing, and Test procedures

  • Machinery Diagram – in charge of making Piping and instrumentation diagram in engine room including Purchase order specifications of pipes, valves, and other pipe fittings.
photo of ship designers using PC and discussing


  • General Piping Diagram in Engine Room - This plan shows the detail diagram of piping and instrumentation.

  • Purchase Order of Equipment and pipe fittings - This is a collection of purchase order specification of different equipment and fittings in the engine room. Each POS is sent to different manufacturers which will send their drawings for review. After all specifications are met and agreed upon, manufacturers will then send final drawings.

  • Complete list of valves and fittings in engine room - All the valves and fittings used on the engine room are listed on a document. Each are listed with the corresponding size, pressure rating, name, material, test pressure and other necessary data.

  • Complete list of pipes with corresponding materials and treatment - All the pipelines in the engine room are listed on a document. Each pipeline are shown with their corresponding class, material, size, flange rating, test pressure, treatment, and other necessary data involved in pipe production.

  • Lubricating oil chart - This is prepared to determine the amount of oil to be procured with respect to the capacity of all equipment.

  • Procedure of Sea Trial (Machinery Part) - A collection of procedures of the tests conducted inside the engine room during the sea trial. It includes the detailed step-by-step guide on how each test will be conducted.

  • Test Method of Machinery Auto-Control System - A document showing the automation and alarms of all equipment in engine room especially main engine and generator engine. It includes the design settings and actual results based on testing.

  • Fuel Oil Change-over Procedure -This serves a guide to proper change-over of fuel oil from Heavy Fuel Oil to Marine Gas Oil. Since our ships are capable of running using either of the mentioned fuel, it is important to provide a procedure to avoid fuel contamination.

Sample of Piping Diagram Output of Exhaust Gas System

Image of exhaust gas system piping diagram


AutoCAD LT - Main software used to generate 2D drawings

Screenshot of autocad lt in designing a diagram

CADMATIC 2D Diagram - P & ID

Software used for piping and instrumentation. Automatically links equipment and fittings to 3D

BENRUI (Valve Management System)

Company-developed valve list system software used to manage all the valves and fittings

screenshot of Valve List System using BENRUI Software

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