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The Hull Outfitting Group is responsible for high quality and cost-efficient designs for all necessary fittings located on the steering gear room, bos’n store, forecastle deck, and all weather decks of the vessel. All HO designs are ensured to fully adapt to the ever-changing international shipbuilding standards.

Job scopes include detail designs of the following:

3D image of ship mooring and equipment arrangement
  • Mooring Equipment and Arrangement
  • Rudder Carrier

  • Cargo Gear
  • Deck Crane Post
    Provision Crane Post
photo of ship hatch and passage area
  • Passage
  • Working Stage
    Small Hatch Arrangement
    Hand rails, ladder, and lifeline on weahter deck
    Steel doors

3D model image of ship ventilation, navigation, weather deck fittings

  • Ventilation
  • Arrangement of Ventilators on Weather Deck
  • Navigation
  • Navigation light arrangement
    Fore Mast
    Radar Mast
  • Other Weather Deck Fittings
  • Other Services
  • 3D modeling
    Retrofitting Jobs on Hull Outfitting

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