The Completion Group is composed of two teams each with specific roles:

photo of ship design engineers conducting sea trial

Completion Team 1 : Sea Trial - Performing standard testing and measurement method (hereinafter referred to as test of ship manoeuvrability ) of ship manoeuvrability. This includes stopping ability, turning ability, initial turning ability, yaw checking ability, and course keeping ability as required by IMO and SOLAS.

photo of ship design engineers conducting ship measurements and trial

Completion Team 2 : Deadweight and Inclining Test - Determining the Lightship Weight (L/W), Vertical Center of Gravity above base line (VCG), Longitudinal Center of Gravity from midship (LCG), Transverse Center of Gravity from center line of ship (TCG) and to calculate various trim and stability conditions. These tests are carried out in the presence of Class Surveyor and Owner’s Representatives.

image of bulk carrier ship
image of ship incline drawing
image of ship center of gravity and formula

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