CESSD is a pool of well-trained engineers, composed of Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Naval Architects. The teams are engaged in new designs and retrofitting jobs, with a committment to deliver high-quality output at a competitive price.

CESSD operate on multi-CAD platforms such as CADMATIC-Hull, CADMATIC-Outfitting, AUTOCAD, AVEVA MARINE/PDMS, LATTICE XVL, 3D-MATES, and AUTODESK INVENTOR are utilized with the adoption of Japanese shipbuilding technology for current markets which include Asian and European countries.

CESSD Offers the following services to non-captive markets in Europe and Asia:


CESSD operate on multi-CAD platforms employed with the adoption of Japanese shipbuilding technology. Our pool of well-trained Engineers ensure that we make true with our committment to deliver on-time high quality designs at competitive price. Read More...

photo of sox retrofitting


Creation of 3D model - for Hull, Machinery, Electrical and Outfitting
Detailed drawings - guide and ease interpretation by factory workers for fast and correct installation of hull and pipe pieces, equipments, machines,etc.
Material Ordering - estimation of the necessary materials
Nesting data and Nesting - Maximize utilization of purchased materials; optimize project cost-efficiency

photo of ttsp ship designer drawing in 2D


Our pool of well trained Engineers, equiped with the knowledge of latest technology in ship design and retrofitting gives us an edge in offering technical services to our customers mostly in Europe and Asia.
We afford our partner-companies on-demand technical services with capacity and capability enabling them to accept more job orders without hiring additional workforce. Thus, we help them save cost on maintaining additional manpower.

photo of ttsp employees working in design center


It is our passion to design different types of vessels from concept design to detail design that suit customer's specifications. We provide outputs with our designers' concepts in collaboration with the owner's requirements.
Equipped with Japanese skills and knowledge, we offer the following services of complete ship designs from concept to details.
In the concept design stage, it becomes possible to extract a preliminary material list to calculate the cost of workmanship and, therefore, to form a preliminary approach about building cost estimation.
The process can drastically help reduce waste materials. Concept Design process includes the following information, documents and calculations:

  • Lines Plan and Offset Table
  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Engine Room Arrangement Plan
photo of ttsp ship designer drawing a 3D model

  • Preliminary Midship Section Plan
  • Equipment Number Calculation
  • Freeboard Calculation
  • Tonnage Calculation
  • Light Ship Weight Calculation
  • Speed and Power Calculation
  • Fuel Consumption Calculation
  • Capacity, Trim and Intact Stability, Longitudinal Strength and Damage Stability Calculations
  • 3D model of the vessel

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